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Founded by a team of professional former international students and former Romanian students, our vision is to make Romania the first option for foreigners who want to pursue studies and, why not, career in Romania. We are working to promote Romanian education abroad and provide up to date information about universities study options. We are the link between the students and the universities and, yes, with Romania Company you can find suitable university for you and you will be assisted until you get used to the new local study environment.

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Our services includes but not only application, admission, student visa, arrival, accommodation, registration at University, keeping in touch with students in case of need etc.

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What distinguishes us from others?

Romania Company, based in Romania and in Iraq is making sure that our teams have the newest information and experience with each university and its procedures, rules and environment.

This allows us to guide properly and effectively the students about the country, culture, cities and so help them to become students and later graduates in Romania.

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